Dr. Bill Herberg

Dr. Herberg graduated from University of Minnesota in 1984 and joined the DVC in 1995. His veterinary interests include practicing small animal medicine. He enjoys working with the dogs and cats. He also does a lot of cattle work. For fun, Dr. Herberg enjoys going skiing and hiking with his wife and two kids. He has a goal to see all the national parks.

Dr. Dale Perau

Dr. Perau graduated from University of Minnesota in 1978. He came to DVC in 1992. He enjoys practicing equine medicine, reproduction, and dentistry. He is a member the AAEP and AVMA. In his free time, Dr. Perau can be found out duck hunting, riding his motorcycle, and cutting wood.

Dr. Dan Krupa

Dr. Krupa graduated from Ohio State University in 1992. He joined the DVC in 1997. His interest in veterinary medicine is all facets of small animal medicine and surgery. When not working, Dr. Krupa enjoys watching football, especially Ohio State games, gardening, and doing things with his two kids. He is also active with the boy scouts. His wife and he like to take the kids camping. He also includes a cat in his family.

Dr. Norm Mett

Dr. Mett was born and raised in the Comfrey, MN area. He completed his DVM degree from the University of Minnesota in 1977. His veterinary interests are in dairy and beef medicine. Currently, he works part-time for DVC. He is married and has 3 dogs as pets, 2 Standard Poodles and a Bichon Frise. In his free time, he enjoys cutting firewood, fixing cars, and spending time with his 2 children and 8 grandchildren.

Dr. Allison Janz

Dr. Janz graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2012. She joined DVC in 2013. Her interests in veterinary medicine include equine medicine and lameness and small animal medicine. In her free she enjoys riding her horse and showing dogs.


Nikki has been working for DVC since 2006. She is a certified veterinary technician that enjoys working with large and small animals. You may even see her out on the farm helping our veterinarians. In the clinic, she does hands on work and a lot of our inventory. If you need anything, she’s the gal that can help you find it. In her free time, Nikki enjoys camping, bass fishing, playing softball, and playing volleyball. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and little boy, Braxton.


Penny has been with DVC for 19 years as a veterinary technician. She also spends some time working at the Carriage House Animal Hospital. She enjoys helping people and their pets along with working alongside her co-workers. She loves all animals big and small and has a big interest in animal behavior. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her 3 dogs, doing crafts, and gardening. She along with her husband are avid motorcyclists and participate in ballroom dancing..


This year, 2014, marks Sandy’s 34th year with DVC. She originally worked out of the West Concord office and then relocated to the Dodge Center office in 1999. She manages the accounts receivable, answers the phone, and is involved in the day to day running of the clinic. When not at work, Sandy enjoys walking with her husband on trails and visiting downtown Northfield. She also enjoys quilting, reading, art, and watching movies. She is looking forward to her retirement in June so she can spend more time traveling with her husband and spending time with her 5 grandchildren.


Shelly started working for DVC in in 2010 as a certified veterinary technician. She enjoys working with small animals, especially cats. We call her our “cat whisperer”. In her free time, you can find Shelly in her garden or at craft fairs. Her family includes her husband, a dog, and 14 cats.